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When We Meet



Throughout the week there are many opportunities to visit and experience the love and power of God at Pasadena Church. If you're looking for a mid week word of insight and encouragement our bible study course is just for you!


Please visit the Bible Study page for more details.


If you desire to pray and/or receive prayer, look no further. Our church views prayer as the center piece to a fullfilled and meaningful Christian walk. We have both daily and monthly opportunities for available.


Please see our Prayer page for a detailed schedule of times and locations.




Saturdays feature our men's only prayer gathering; a powerful 60 mins of spirit lead prayer, encouragement and support from our Men's Prayer Team  (M.P.T.).


Please see the Prayer page for time and location.


Sundays at Pasadena Church means celebration, worship and PRESENCE of God! Joins us every Sunday for either service (8am and 10:30am) at our Sunday Worship Center and be assured you'll be ushered into God's presence and given a word that can change your live!