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Pastor Madelyn D. Manning

Senior Pastor

Pastor Madelyn D. Manning is becoming known as a woman after Gods own heart. She is full of spiritual discernment and leadership as well as gifted to partner alongside her husband in pastoral ministry. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. After receiving Christ at age 16, she purposed in her heart that her life would “make a difference for Christ.” Initially, she believed that she would impact the political and legal systems of her community. And for a time, she was able to make her mark in these areas.


Pastor Madelyn graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Economics in June 1992. With the support of her husband, Pastor Madelyn furthered her education by graduating from American University, Washington College of Law in December 1996. She is a licensed attorney in Ohio and has practiced law in the banking field as well as the criminal justice system.


Pastor Madelyn’s heart has always centered on allowing Christ to be glorified in and through her legal career as well as in ministry in the church. As she worked in her full-time legal profession, she served at night and on weekends in ministry in the local church. While Pastor Kerwin served in various pastoral roles, Pastor Madelyn always joined him in ministry in various leadership roles, such as: a Covering Pastor of Small Groups, Worship Leader, Bible Study Teacher and Youth Leader. Pastor Madelyn is a gracious woman of God that has influenced many persons of all ages, backgrounds and races to trust God and fulfill His purposes in their life.


Pastors Kerwin and Madelyn Manning have been married since 1992. They have two beautiful daughters, Madison Denise, and Morgan Danielle.


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