Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“Walk with God and others with limitless love for all”

Our Vision

That our church would continually host the Lord’s presence; that the Holy Spirit would be welcomed and given free range in our Church.
That our church would have compassion for people; that we would win the lost and disciple the found.
That we would be a Holy Spirit driven church that regularly witness the signs and wonders that are expected to accompany believers.
That God’s purposes would be fulfilled in our church:
Worship that’s (extravagant), Fellowship that’s (authentic), Evangelism that’s (contagious), Discipleship that’s (relational/biblical), Missions that are (global/others-focused).
That the words spoken over Pasadena Church will not fall to the ground, but will be fulfilled.
That our people would not only be hearers of the Word, but DOERS; that we would be about finding needs and filling them, finding hurts and healing them.
That our ministry would be widespread, reaching beyond Pasadena to the world; and that we would send teams of people to the nations.

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